3 Exercises to Open Your Third Eye

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open your third eyeThere are different methods of increasing the ability to open the third eye with exercise. The third eye has been a wonder to different cultures around the globe for centuries. Here are 3 exercises to open your third eye that have been introduced to the Western world. Some are more physical than others. Whichever ones you are most comfortable with, practice religiously for several weeks. There is a lot to be gained by opening the third eye and once you have a comfortable exercise in place, you will be able to always keep it open.

African Tongue Rolling

This exercise comes from a tribe in Africa where the opening of the third eye is considered sacred in meeting with the spirit world. It basically consists of causing vibration on the roof of your mouth with the tongue. They believe that by stimulating the mouth roof, the pineal gland is awakened.

Take the tip of your tongue and slowly caress the top of your mouth from front to back for 2-3 minutes. Another exercise of the tongue is to make a fluttering noise using the roof of your mouth and the tongue. The idea is to increase the vibration and energy along the top of the mouth, which in turn, attracts the attention of the third eye.

Breathing with Concentration

Either sit in a chair feet flat on the floor or choose the lotus position. Place hands on the knees with palms facing the ceiling. Count to 4 as you inhale then count to 4 as you exhale. Do this several times, paying attention to the precision of your breath. When you begin to feel lightheaded, stop. This is to rid your mind and body of intrusive thoughts.

Next, focus on an object straight ahead. Using stones of indigo or violet are said to be more hypnotizing and soothing. The process should last for 20 minutes. Many report results after a few weeks or a month.

Natural Sources

A less strenuous exercise method is paying close attention to details of your body and home. Meditate daily, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and use essential oils of sandalwood, myrrh or nutmeg to balance the other chakras. Deep-colored fruits and vegetables, like blueberries, blackberries and beets are beneficial in cleansing the body from interfering toxins. Yoga stances are also good for creating an atmosphere for an open third eye.

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