Tips for Applying the Principles of Feng Shui

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Tips for Applying the Principles of Feng Shui

The principles of Feng Shui can be daunting to the beginner. However, by understanding a few basic rules, you can bring the flow of Chi throughout your home. The entire house needs to be viewed as a whole entity instead of relying on certain rooms to be the focal point. Here are a few tips that can help you plan a home for a harmonious effect.

Create a Template

It is hard to imagine your house as a single entity unless you can see it spread out before you. Outline your home on paper, including doors, windows and rooms. Mark the directions that coincide with the position (north, south, east, and west). Positioning is important in furniture placement, colors and flow.

The Front Door

The front door is the opening for inviting good energy into your home. There should be no obstacles that block the entryway, such as trees or bushes to walk around or sights of negative clutter when approaching the door. As the door is opened, make sure that you are met with a free-flowing and pleasing atmosphere. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the threshold and block views of the kitchen and bathroom.

Most Important Rooms

The 3 most important rooms for utilizing Feng Shui are the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedrooms. The kitchen is a major supporting beam that nourishes and sustains life. The kitchen is also a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. Avoid having a back door or a front door close to the kitchen where Feng Shui energy can easily escape.

Bathrooms have a bad reputation for leaking energy and accumulating lower vibrations. Many homes have a master bath adjoining the master bedroom. However, it is bad Feng Shui to have a bathroom door facing a bed. If this seems an impossible feat, correct it by placing a portable screen in front of the bathroom door. You can also add higher vibrations by setting a bowl of crystals on the back of the toilet.

The bedroom should represent an energy that is strong, secure and safe. One bad Feng Shui move is to purchase a headboard that is made of metal. Always place the headboard against a full wall and never against a door, window or open area. Also, avoid low beds that do not allow energy to weave around the bed. Never place a mirror where you are able to see yourself while lying in bed and never have a light or fan hanging directly above the bed.

Other simple suggestions include decluttering all rooms, add water elements and enhance wealth corners with wind chimes or a mobile of Chinese coins.

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