Tips for Getting the Most from Crystal Healing

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Unleashing the power of crystals is a wonderful experience. Here are a few tips for activating the power that is held within these precious stones.

Don’t let your crystals sit and collect dust

As beautiful as healing crystals may be, they need to be nurtured and held. It is hard for the energy to bond with your body when they are used as mere attractions.

Research the properties of your crystal treasures

The earth has produced an abundance of minerals that produce crystalline rock. Each one may have a defining quality that can match your type of healing request.

Prepare your body to be accepting to crystals

Take time to de-stress your body from the turmoil of the day. This can be anything from taking a warm bath to meditation in order to clear your mind. Crystals will not compete for attention.

Drink plenty of water

Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after a crystal healing.

Water is a natural substance that helps to remove toxins. You want your body as free from negative sources as you are able to provide.

Don’t get carried away with too many different types of crystals

More is not always better. If you have a couple of the right crystals for your purpose, they will do their job. Holding onto one grounding crystal will help you stay focused. Clear quartz is a good choice.

Be honest in your desire for good

You cannot hope to achieve peace if you try to justify wrongs, request the impossible or think of bringing harm to others. If your sincerity is lacking, crystals will do you no good.

Use essential oils in a diffuser or light a stick of incense

Make sure that the scent is compatible with what your desires are. For example, Bergamot is popular as an anti-depressant and helps to stimulate different internal organs.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal close so you can report different sensations and feelings that you have with the different combinations of stones and scents. You may need to adjust these for your personal wellness journey.

Healing Crystal Tips

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