Tips for Using Crystals to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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Connecting with your spirit guide can offer answers to questions that we find difficult to cope with. Whether it is day-to-day activities or major steps in our lives, our spirit guide can make us feel confident that we are making the right choice. Crystals can help in awakening your spiritual awareness and make communication easier. Here are some tips for using crystals to make life’s journey easier.

Select the Right Crystal

Not all crystals are designed to interact with the spiritual. There are a few that are more intense than others for meditation in connecting to spirits.

Selenite is excellent for cleansing your aura and is a fantastic aid for spirit interactions. It also promotes dream recall.

Charoite helps you connect with your spirit guide by boosting your own natural intuitive talents. Receiving messages through sight, sound and impressions become more fluent.

Apophyllite advances your ability to remember dreams with messages from the other side. It increases your intuition and aids mental clarity. Concentration is also more acute.

Phenacite is another little-known crystal that cleanses your own energy field. It focuses your mind and increases your awareness. You’ll be able to receive intuitive messages when using this crystal.

Keep Crystals with you

Place crystals under your pillow, wear as jewelry or place in your pocket where they can be touched easily. Amethyst, clear quartz and one special stone, such as Blue Lace Agate, will keep your mind open to spiritual communication and also keep your emotions more balanced.

Have Grounding Stones nearby

Strong grounding stones are necessary for keeping your emotional and physical properties intact, especially when connecting with your spirit guide. Dizziness, forgetfulness and being sensitive to light are a few examples of what ungrounding feels like. Good grounding stones include Black Tourmaline, Charoite, Black Andradite and Red Jasper.

These are just a few of the wonderful crystals that can be used while seeking and connecting with your spirit guide. Some work better than others on an individual basis. Test out a few and you will realize which ones work best for you.

Tips for using crystals to connect to your spirit guides. Crystals are so powerful and they can help you connect to your spirit guide

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