How to Unblock Your Heart Chakra

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how to unblock your heart chakraThe expression, “She died from a broken heart.” is not that difficult to comprehend when your heart chakra is blocked. Emotional abuse, hurtful words and ended relationships are ways that physical deterioration can occur. The heart chakra controls many parts of the body including heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms and hands. Negative emotions can cause blockage to any of these areas. The sooner you learn how to unblock your heart chakra and begin working on this, the better you will feel physically and emotionally.

Let out your Emotions

Writing down your frustrations, screaming at a wall or performing a really physical task is a way that you can bring your feelings to the surface. However, don’t take out your pent-up anxiety on others. Chances are you do not feel like being around others as you lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself.

Stop Dwelling in the Past

No one can change the past and rethinking what you could have done differently will not provide answers. In fact, this could be the beginning of a physical problem that is brought on by too much thought and stress. Go into meditation and let those feelings fly away by allowing your soul to bond with the universe. Tell yourself that this has been one occurrence and that there will be several others. What is important is coping with the here and now.

If you cannot Change It, Forget It

Some things of the world cannot be changed. Keep telling yourself that you are a beautiful person and that your time is worth more than trying to fix the unfixable. Emotions like jealousy, hatred, and being judgmental have no business in your life, except to harm and destroy. Yoga is an excellent way to create better balance with your heart chakra. Breathing techniques can calm your inner soul. Poses, such as the camel pose, eagle pose, or a back-bending practice help to expand the organs surrounding the heart and provide the space and air in cleansing.

Lastly, do not hope that tomorrow will be better. Take the initiative to confront your troubles and reopen your heart chakra. Tomorrow will be better when the heart chakra is allowed to open and create an atmosphere of love and empathy.

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