Uncomfortable Spiritual Awakening Signs

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spiritual awakening signsWhen Spiritual Energy makes you Feel Bad

Spiritual energy is not like physical energy. When you begin to experience a higher energy level, you may feel as if you are going crazy. Buzzing in your ears, pressure in your sinuses, hot flashes and headaches can lead you to your family physician, only to discover that there is nothing medically wrong with you. Your body is changing and soon your spiritual energy level will be higher and the transformation will be complete.

Other signs of spiritual awakening may include:

–Having the feeling of wanting to leave the planet and go home where you belong

–Unusual sleep patterns and having dreams that seem like reality

–Electrical devices that do not work correctly or stop working altogether

–Rushing home so you can hibernate away from people and the noise of the world

–Noticing coincidences that provide answers to your questions

–Loud music and noises are irritating

Many people try for months to reach this level of spiritual awareness through meditation. However, letting go of the material world is usually their downfall. Only when you are able to see the world’s miracles with full appreciation can you begin the process of becoming one with the Universe. You will suddenly begin to feel closer to nature, other people, animals, and God. Don’t concentrate on meditation as much as practicing gratitude and empathy toward others. Start spending quiet time in the midst of nature and feel its genuine beauty. Read about how the universe was created from nothing and how all living things are proportionate (often referred to as the Golden Ratio). Before long, man-made items will seem frivolous in the larger scope of things.

Believe it or not, you have been meditating. How could that be when you have never sat on a mat with legs crossed and eyes closed, humming a Mantra? You can meditate anywhere that is comfortable to you. It is the release of your negative energy that is important.

If you begin to experience physical symptoms that have no cause, chances are you are beginning your journey to spiritual awakening and nothing will ever be the same. Don’t let it frighten you. You have just reached a new level of consciousness that your body cannot yet comprehend. Sometimes you have to feel bad in order to feel good.

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