Unconscious Roadblocks to Your Success

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The spirit of energy begins in the unconscious. Without the unconscious, our desires would never manifest into reality. It is not unusual for the conscious and unconscious to be at odds with one another. Here are a few reasons why.

Conscious and unconscious roadblocks to success

The Conscious Harbors Self-Gratification

You can be a good person and still lust for material items. It is just human nature. However, the unconscious exists on a larger scale than merely what the eye sees. How many times have you purchased an item that you knew would bring you joy, only to discover that you feel no better than before? Your conscious emotion of self-gratification has ignored the unconscious reasoning for not buying. Thoughts of cost and being an unnecessary item may gnaw at you after it is too late. This is your unconscious that was shoved aside for conscious personal lust.

Unconscious Connections

Your faith and energy field are always present in the unconscious. However, making that connection to the conscious is difficult to do. Negativity, anger, self-satisfaction and instant gratification will often drop the tie from your deep-set beliefs. The opposite can also be true. If you have a prejudice that is rooted in your unconscious, you may encounter an emotional tug of war when facing a situation, no matter how hard you try.

Desiring Success

Desiring success needs to be examined very closely to determine if your unconscious and conscious can co-exist. For example, you may seek a different job for more money. But, by stopping and making a mental picture of a new workplace, new job duties and new contacts. You may find unconscious feelings of hurt and pain that your current job is causing. These unconscious feelings need to be analyzed. In this case, a roadblock has appeared to prevent you from what you see is success. Perhaps you do not really enjoy your existing career or that more training is required to move ahead.

Roadblocks from the unconscious can be a blessing or a curse. If you have underlying beliefs that prevent you from moving toward success, now is the time to address them. Always ponder your decisions for self-gratification as opposed to a bigger picture of satisfaction that could be tucked away in your unconscious. Either way, perform some deep soul searching and listen to both your conscious and unconscious in setting your goals for success.

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