How to Use Crystals and Gem Stones

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How to Use Crystals and Gem Stones

Some people have a misconception of what crystals and gem stones have to offer. It can be hard to focus on their meaning when the world has become so traumatized with materialism. Learning to use the power of the earth is emphasized through stones and their healing energy can be amazing. Here are some tips for using crystals and gem stones.

Search for the Right Crystals

Understanding the meaning of the different types of crystals and stones can be an enlightening experience as you discover a spiritual plane. This should also be the first step in selecting crystals for your intent. Instead of starting an inventory of every crystal type, begin with one or two. Visit a crystal shop and allow the power of the stones to select you. Once you have your precious stones in your possession, take them home and decide how to use.

Wearing on the Body

Crystals can be worn on the body in the form of necklaces or bracelets as a healing and protecting force. This provides an entire body field that can travel with you. If there are specific areas of healing that need addressed, sometimes your intuition will guide you to a certain area. For example, if you are having issues of the digestive tract, place the crystal inside a small bag and pin inside clothing that will be near the stomach area.

Use in the Bath

Bathing with crystals will remove negative energies, washing away stress and revitalize the body. Healing energy will also have the opportunity to surround the right area and help bring relief. Since clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst are excellent for removing negative forces, these crystals are good to start with.

In Meditation or Sleeping

Reaching that point of serenity in meditation is often faster when using crystals and gem stones. Either hold in your hand or place in front of you for best results. Place under your pillow at night for a restful sleep without nightmares. They are also excellent in dream recall.

Space Cleansing

Raw crystals and crystal clusters work best when removing negative energies in a room. They are recommended over small pieces as they hold better energy integrity. In addition, they add harmony by altering the energy of the space.

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