How to Use Meditation to Help You with Tragedy

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According to, destiny is something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing.

You have carefully planned out your future and are on the fast track to success. Suddenly, an unforeseen incident occurs that shatters your world. It could be an accident that leaves you partially incapacitated, the death of a loved one, or identity theft that throws you into bankruptcy. Your first thought may be that you are being punished by God or that someone needs to be blamed.

There will always be changes in the world that may change your circumstances dramatically. Telling yourself that it is destiny does very little to help you feel better. You are in an emotional tail spin and have to take steps to resolve it. Without realizing it, you want to hang on to this problem, allowing emotional pain to control you.

The first step in dealing with an emotional tragedy is to become aware of the tight grip that it has on you. Compare this to a contraction that needs to be released. When you make a fist, and hold, it starts to hurt your muscles and before long, it consumes every part of your body. Through meditation, especially by opening the heart chakra, you can turn this tension into positive energy. You are feeling weak, wounded, tense and your love for yourself has dissipated.

The second step is to concentrate on healing.  Meditate on what you are missing; love, peace, joy and contentment. The situation is not the problem. Your ability to deal with it is. Also concentrate on helping others. Your world may have crashed around you, but the empathy that you feel for others is key in opening your heart. Focus on this. By gaining that feeling of unconditional love for yourself and others, the pressure will begin to fade.

You may be reminded of your problem for months to come, but your heart can turn the negative self-pity into positive energy. This will open your heart so you can feel the harmony of the universe once more.

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