Using Your Thoughts to Help You Manifest What You Want

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Using the universe as a tool for changing our thoughts is the only way to achieve desires. Anyone that has taken the time to discover this truth will never return to their old way of thinking.

Everything living is part of the universe. Some refer to this infinity of energy as nature, others God or a higher power. Regardless of the terminology, our thoughts and desires can become all-inclusive just by asking and abiding by its laws.

Be Careful what you Ask For

Our conscious thoughts do not have the ability to understand what we are actually asking of the universe. When we request a home that is closer to work, a picture of a specific house on a specific street probably comes to our conscious mind. This picture does not resonate out into the universe. What the universe feels is the vibration of emotion that is asking to be guided into a more favorable situation.

Have an Open Mind and an Open Heart

It is not possible for the universe to have hurtful or resentful feelings. Only man possesses negativity from past experiences. In order to work parallel with the universe, there must be no question as to the purity. Work on leaving your defensive feelings in your past and you will discover an open mind and an open heart that will create a link to the universe.

Take Time to Develop Patience

Everything in our world revolves around a ‘Now’ attitude. Fast food, movies-on-demand, and technology have given us an impatient type of life. The universe has, is, and always will be patient. It cannot be rushed or set on your time schedule. You are the one that must come to its terms. Practice patience by relaxing, meditating and letting life exist in a flow. Not only will your unconscious begin to open before you, but your energy level will increase to allow the universe to bond with you.

Once you begin to feel a calm, controlled change in your thoughts, it indicates that the universe is listening and will be available when a well thought out and measured desire is asked.


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