Utilizing the Concept of Magnetism in the Law of Attraction

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manifestationHave you ever wondered how some people always come out of a situation smelling like a rose while others seem to have bad luck following them around? It has nothing to do with luck, but with the universal magnetism of your thoughts.

The world was designed by our creator to work in perfect harmony when all of the pieces are put together and utilized. Think of how certain minerals are attracted to magnets and others are not. The human body is no different in its ability to attract and repel. Your mind works like a magnet although you may be consciously unaware.

Your thoughts are responsible for what you attract. Compare this to your senses that are delighted with the scent of a rose as opposed to a repugnant weed. The energy of the universe can have a positive attraction to a positive conscious, but will shy away from negative thoughts. If you entertain feelings and thoughts about hardships and obstacles, then this is what you get.

Some take the attitude that they naturally have a pessimistic mindset and cannot change. They also find that opportunities and friends are almost impossible to come across. People are not born with a preconceived attitude toward positive and negative nature. They are molded over time and finding your way to becoming a magnet for the goodness of the universe is not impossible.

Similar energy attracts similar energy from nature. If you make up your mind to keep one positive thought in your mind each day, you will find that more positive thoughts will come. You will also discover that the worries and anxieties of yesterday are becoming less and less. It begins with a conscious effort to want to find a better way of life. Only then can your magnetism for the positive begin to work.

Repetition is important in developing your personal magnetism. Meditate early in the mornings to start out with a positive attitude. Place reminders around your home or work that have positive symbols. If an uneasy situation occurs, find a way to shake it off instead of dwelling on it. It may take time to reach your full potential, but you have to start in order to achieve what seems to come naturally to others.


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