How is Visualization Used to Manifest What I Desire?

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How is Visualization Used to Manifest What I Desire?

We’ve all been lost in our own thoughts from time to time. It may have been a special moment with a loved one or a magnificent view of nature. You remember those tiny details like sounds and scents that accompanied the experience. Visualization is much the same – only traveling to a point in the future for a specific goal in mind.

Materializing the Future

Just as your memory stores movies of past moments, the brain can perceive your desires and turn them into much more than dreams. By transforming a desire into a reality is much like remembering a past experience only it is you that sets the scene for a future memory. Small details, scents and sounds of a place and action are created by your imagination and worked until you actually feel yourself within the scene.

Start out Slow

Wanting a new home or a new job are pretty stiff manifestations for the beginner. Start with a small desire to train your mind on how to hold onto what you are trying to achieve. For example, set a goal of mastering a skill. This could be anything from cooking to building to painting a picture. By concentrating on the end result, an achievable reality is possible. You may never become a Julia Child or a Van Gogh, but the practice will increase your desire and skill ten-fold.

The Law of Manifestation

Einstein once said, “Thought is energy, to create it (energy), just use your imagination.”

The mind is a strong tool for bringing harmony into our lives. Only positive thoughts should be used in focusing on the item that you desire. Meditation helps this process by attracting the subconscious to grab hold of an action. Before long, you can enter this quiet place and see your desire as already fulfilled. As long as you are able to keep your desire in the forefront and see it as a past experience, it can become a reality. However, as soon as you lose interest or bring negative thoughts into the visual manifestation, the dream is gone.

There are many different exercises to help strengthen the mind for creating manifestation from visualization. By being consistent and turning your thoughts into reality, you will begin receiving little hunches that will lead you into the right direction of your manifestation. Follow these hunches and take action when prompted by your mind’s driving intuition.

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