Ways to Cleanse your Aura

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Cleanse AuraWhat is an Aura Cleansing?

Similar to cleaning house after a gathering, your individual aura needs a good cleansing every now and then. With the people that are encountered on a daily basis and negative circumstances that can put you in a cranky mood, your spirit can easily begin to reflect the obstacles of life. By cleaning your aura regularly, your mood stays light and your aura bright.


The Power of Nature

Many people are regenerated simply by sharing nature. A stroll through the woods, gardening, or bird watching has as much potential for cleansing your soul as meditation. The earth is the basis for all life and connecting with it can prove a great way for soothing the spirit and erasing troublesome auras.


Water is a constant form of relaxation and cleansing. Salt and minerals that are contained in the ocean offer the best form of cleansing an aura by drawing out unwanted psychic garbage. If you are not near the ocean, use a tub that has been treated with Epsom salts and refreshing essential oils.


You can also experience aura cleansing by lying down in a quiet room and focusing on your body. For about 15 minutes, concentrate on your breathing. Feel the rise and fall of your chest then move to the tips of your fingers and your toes. Focus on how they feel as part of your body and gradually move to every part of your being. As you think of nothing but your own body, you will find yourself in a totally relaxed mode. Now, picture a bright white light right above your forehead and with your mind, bring it down until every part of your body is covered. Savor in the warmth and protecting feel that you have brought upon yourself and cleansing your aura.

The end result of any of these examples is to see how you can remove all of the emotions that have been twisted and thrown at you during your encounter with the world. When the aura is uncovered from negative forces, it is able to resume its role as a magnet. Positive energy will be drawn to you and a feeling of contentment will transpire. There is no certain timeline for giving yourself an aura cleansing, but you will know when you have gone too long. Try to designate a day and time for aura cleansing and make time in between if your physical and mental capabilities begin to drain too quickly.

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Ways to cleanse your aura

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