5 Ways to Open and Heal your Crown Chakra

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5 ways to open and heal your crown chakra. Some good info here. I didnt know about #1Wanting to experience true freedom is a dream that many people have. To feel like your life is whole and being able to enjoy all of the mighty wonders of the earth may always seem just outside of your grasp. However, no matter how sincerely we meditate, the number of times that we pray and the constant striving to have a positive outlook, something always seems to be missing from this completeness. Your crown chakra needs to be nurtured, healed and opened in order for the oneness of the world to be felt.

1. Flush out problems

Find that one domineering problem in your life and take steps to resolve it. You may not even realize that a problem buried in the unconscious is secretly controlling your life, but most times if you know that a problem does exist, you can pull it up to the conscious.

2. Awareness

Once you have minimized or wiped away a daunting problem, the balance of your body and spirit begins to emerge. Feel the fear and anxiety fade and notice how you are suddenly looking forward to the future.

3. Meditate

You cannot hope to achieve a spiritual reality alone. Meditate to your Master for guidance in discovering the answer to life. Allow yourself to become submerged in the power for at least 30 minutes each day.

4. Visualize

While in meditation, visualize a golden orb floating just above the top of your head. As you share your thoughts of being thankful for all you have and making the request for a connection to the spiritual world, feel the heat of the orb consuming your head and growing upward. As the size of the orb increases, you will begin to feel the force of life like never before.

5. Affirmation

Acknowledge the fact that you feel the connection of life and how the feeling of being alone has dissipated. Express your feelings and bathe in the light.

Always be sure that the other chakras have been balanced and that any existing medical or emotional problems are being worked on. All the chakras work as one, but ignoring a closed chakra can keep the 7th chakra from opening.


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