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Every Friday Bob has a dialog with God. Originally these times were used for learning and to ask questions. It was a time to gain insight and wisdom. Then as Bob worked with more and more people, a portion of the weekly session was focused on healing and well-being for others. To add a person or pet, contact us with your first name, location (City/State only) and the nature of your request (healing energy and/or overall well-being) and you will be added to the next Friday’s session. If you would like to  request a telephone session, contact Bob via our contact page with your request.

This week’s requests: 

One request for Peace and a successful Transition for One who has Passed

This week’s Prayers and Healing Energy:

One request for Healing Energy and Good Health Ahead

One request for Healing Energy to Overcome Cancer

One Request for Manifesting a new Home

One Request for Healing Energy and Elimination of Pain

Healing Energy for Peace, Calm and Elimination of Anxiety

Healing Energy for a Pet

Peace and Love for Loss of a Loved One

Gold Bubble for Peace, Calm and Happiness

Health, Wellness and Successful Recovery from Cancer

Healing Energy for Kidneys and Liver

Healing Energy for Health Issues Jeopardizing a Career

Healing Energy to Overcome a Medical Condition

Healing Energy for Life-Threatening Diseases and Pain

Prayers for a friend who has passed


Sharing is caring!

Bob is on sabbatical leave and is unable to respond to messages or take on new clients at this time.