What are Astral Helpers

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We live in a multi-dimensional universe. The fact that most people see only one dimension is totally by choice. They want to be able to see, touch and smell everything around them in order to justify their existence. It takes learning the different levels of consciousness in order to perceive the different planes or dimensions. Astral helpers lie in a different plane than what we can physically see and are with us throughout our lives.

Astral means a substance pervading all of space that lives within each body. Some refer to them as guides, angels, messengers of God or comforters. Astral spirit has been used in several different texts throughout the centuries and at one time was associated with black magic and ghosts. Still, others believe that there are 7 different planes of existence. The 5th plane is called the Spiritual Plane and falls just below the Divine Plane. This is where some believe that astral helpers live.

When regarding the spiritual world, astral helpers are just that. They are on your team and are present to make sure that answers to questions of everyday life are answered. These are the subtle little urges to go in a certain direction when you ask for help. One example is searching bookstore after bookstore for a particular novel. Ask for help from your astral helper and he/she will guide you right to the front door. They can remind you of upcoming appointments by placing a sign in your mind, remove worry over a passing grade by providing the answer and many other everyday situations.

Astral helpers are simply in another plane of dimension where they cannot be seen or touched. If your intentions are pure and good, you can depend on real Astral Helpers to guide you in the right direction.

What are astral helpers?

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