What Are Chakra Stones?

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The seven chakras are whirling energy centers that rotate at varying speeds based on the location. The first chakra at the base of the spine is the root chakra, which has the slowest vibration speed and the crown chakra vibrates at the highest speed. Each chakra has a specific color and several different types of gemstones that stimulate that vibration.

A blocked chakra can cause illness, depression, exhaustion and other problems. If chakras are out of balance, the same problems can occur. These may conditions may be as elusive as a negative feeling or feeling of doubt and fear. You need to have balance for a feeling of well-being and good health. Allowing the charkas to be open too much can result in far too much universal energy flowing in the body that can lead to problems. However, if there’s a kink in the flow of energy, such as a closed chakra it leads to just as many problems. Shutting down the chakras or creating a block can be as simple as blocking an unpleasant experience thus not receiving energy from the universal energy field.

Stones of a specific colored stones are used to heal the various charkas. The root chakra’s color is red, so stones that are red, such as garnet, ruby, bloodstone and rose quartz are used to rebalance this charka.

The second chakra located above the pubic bone but below the naval controls sexuality a creative expression. Its color vibrates to orange that combines yellow for wisdom and red for personality. Orange stones such as fire opal, carnelian and orange jasper are balancing stones for this chakra.

The third chakra is above the naval but under the breastbone and vibrates to the color yellow. This area organizes the all of the power systems and needs to be in complete equilibrium. Yellow stones often used for balancing this chakra are amber, citrine, topaz and yellow zircon.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra located just above the heart. It’s a connector chakra that joins the lower chakras of matter and upper chakras of spirit. While you might expect the heart chakra to be red, it’s actually green, which is a combination of yellow for the soul and blue for the spirit. Green brings new energy and that’s important for this chakra. The emerald, jade, malachite, tourmaline and aventurine are some of the stones used for this.

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra controls communication and all body parts you use to communicate. It vibrates to blue, so blue stones such as the sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite and blue topaz are often used.

The sixth chakra is the third eye and is between the eyebrows. It is the center for mental activity, such as imagination, wisdom and intuition. This charka uses stones that are indigo, such as azurite, indigo and sapphire to clear the blockage. Some people place one of these stones on their third eye charka during meditation.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra that connects you to the divine and your higher self. It’s on the top of the head. The color associated with the crown chakra is violet, since it’s a combination of red representing matter and blue representing spirit. It’s the color associated with transformation. Amethyst is most often used for this chakra.

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  1. Aleks

    Wow! Best explanation of caahrks I’ve ever heard! I’ve been doing yoga for several years off and on and I do experience extremely helpful shifts in my body, mind and emotional state when I do it regularly it’s so just difficult to keep it up!!! Sounds like you’re going through a similar experience with meditation. I also tried meditation and found it too difficult to just try and clear my mind so I have tried focusing on my breathing and. each time I try, it triggers my asthma! Funny how the three things that leave me out of breath are climbing mountains quickly, running and focusing on my breath :p Thank goodness for body based meditation dance and yoga together I’m finding really help me to be more present in body and mind and to interact with others in more responsible, clear headed and compassionate ways (where I never end up regretting the interaction but rather am delighted with what I contributed and how it went).Thank you for putting this information out in a non-biased, information for the sake of information kind of way If we’re going to build a resilient culture of self-responsible human beings, we have to be well informed and, as I have a feeling you may agree, to be well informed, information MUST be accessible to all!!! Thank you for bringing this to me and everyone else who has heard this clear, respectably sourced description of a pseudo enigma in the metaphysics’ world I’m on to explore more podcasts!

  2. Hosting Deutschland

    The essence of third eye chakra healing is to eliminate fears you have in order to live a fully vibrant and abundant life. Third eye chakra healing allows you to connect with your intuition to not only know what choices to make, but also take action on them to move foreword.


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