What does Spirituality Mean?

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What does spirituality mean?  The meaning of spirituality differs among experts that have links to religion, science and philosophy. In the broad spectrum of the word, spirituality points to a bigger plan, a connection to the Universe, or the search to the meaning of life. Regardless of what type of definition that different groups of people present, spirituality represents a plane of the supernatural as opposed to the physical.

Spirituality is not part of any religion that seeks a Higher Power, making us feel servient to another being. Looking at the world as a lifeline to our very existence is often considered spiritual in being unable to see and touch the energy that binds us together. You cannot say that spirituality is a definite presence, but the emotion bond to the meaning of life is too profound to ignore.

Origination of Spirituality

The word spirituality originated from Greek, Latin and Hebrew, meaning ‘that which gives life’ and relates to the earth as a connection to mankind. Realizing that there is something larger than personal gratification on a physical level expands the search for a new and enlightening perspective and what life really means.

A spiritual soul feels emotion and at one with the Universe without being forced to accept the ways of others. One of the largest questions of spirituality is what is the reason for our existence? This leads the human mind to search for answers that explain purpose and how to be content in a world where there is no textbook to follow. Whatever the reason, all of mankind shares the same common bond of feeling a oneness of feeding our unseen hunger.

Why Do We Need Spirituality?

Spirituality has formed from a desire to do what is right, enjoy the Universe, and to gain strength from something other than ourselves. The more that spirituality is seen as a reflection of being and a connection to health and emotion, the more complete our lives seem to be. Inner wisdom, peace, values and expansion of the senses are all indications that there is something larger than physical matter and spirituality opens these doors.

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  1. Abraham J. Palakudy

    Appreciate Bob, for spelling out the out-lines of Spirituality !You mentioned the inherent ‘hunger’ in every one to connect with the supernatural ! Yes, when any one succumb to this hunger in some or other way, he/she could be called as ‘spiritual’.

    Would like to share here few helpful blogs, that might add up to Bob’s wonderful definition of spirituality; ( this author had succumbed to the hunger Bob mentioned long,long ago !) http://thewhyquestionofexistenceanswered.blogspot.in/



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