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Have you ever wondered what your guardian angels name was or if they even have a name?  Well, all angels have names. Either assigned by God or a higher class of angels, they are individual entities. It is the curiosity more than anything to want to learn the name of your guardian angel.  Your guardian angel is assigned to you from the moment that you were born and no one else will share your angel.

There are a few ways for trying to find out the name of your guardian angel.  Although, you may never discover the given name until you reach a different dimension after death because knowing your guardian angels name is not relevant to your health and well-being.

1.  Ask your angel through meditation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and make it comfortable for you.  Meditate and after you are nice and relaxed and have cleared your mind of any negative thoughts or feelings, try to connect with your guardian angel and ask them what their name is.  Continue breathing in and out and keep your mind clear.  Listen and be aware and the name may come to you.   It might not be something you hear, so much as a name that comes to mind and you feel very strongly that it is your guardian angels.

Remember, that your guardian angel’s name might be something that sounds very different than what you are used to hearing as a name.  The name may also be very hard for your to pronounce.

2.  Ask your angel before getting out of bed each day

If you are having difficulties communicating with your guardian angel, you can try this.  Each morning, before you get out of bed ask your guardian angel to show you the first letter of their name throughout the day and when they are done show you the word finish.  After you get the first letter, the next morning you will ask them to show you the second letter of their name throughout the day and when they are done to show you the word finish.

You can do this each day until you have their name spelled out they have given your the “finish” sign.  It may take some time to go through all the letters of their name and make sure to write them all down.

3.  Use a guided meditation

You can find several guided meditations online to help you connect with your guardian angel.  Here is one on Youtube about meeting your guardian angel, during this meeting with your angel, you will ask your guardian angel for their name.


4. Ask your Guardian Angels before bed

Before bed, you can ask your guardian angel for a sign about what their name is.  You may find that you wake in the morning after having a dream where they showed you what their name is.

5.  Make Friends with your Guardian Angel

Make friends with your angel. This can be done by treating them special in all that they do for you. Thank them every time that a bad situation evades you. It was due to them that you were not harmed. It is not easy to get close to your angel, but you will know when it happens. Depending on your sensitivity level, you may feel a touch on the shoulder, see blue shadows or hear a voice whispering your name.

Meditate to your guardian angel and keep them in the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily routine. They may choose to share something special with you because of your constant appreciation, like their name.  Even if your guardian angel doesn’t just share their name with you by becoming friends, you may find that it is easier to communicate with your angel.  You may find this easier communication with your angel allows using one of the other ways to learn your guardian angel’s name works better once you are friends.

Now that you know the name of your guardian angel, write the name down somewhere and keep it in a safe spot.  You can use their name to call them when you need help as well as creating a better, closer relationship with your guardian angel.

If you are doubtful of the name you received from your guardian angel, you can ask your angel to give you signs over the next week to affirm the name is correct.  The signs may come as the name on a billboard or on TV.

Make sure to thank your guardian angel for sharing their name with you.


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