What is a Crystal Grid?

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What is a crystal grid?A crystal grid is an assortment of stones and crystals that are thought to amplify positive energy. By creating your own grid pattern, a sense of calm and satisfaction can be felt.

The intent behind a crystal grid is to create a focus on an intended desire. Different stones and crystals have unique properties that are naturally energized from the earth. You probably know which ones are remarkable in obtaining certain goals. By using your instinct to plant each stone in a grid that circles around a larger stone, the amount of energy can be amazing.

A platform is needed to begin your display. This can be made of wood, metal, glass or a rock slab. A mirror can also be used. It can be round, square or rectangular, but use natural materials. Select a larger stone to be the primary focus of your energy and to be placed in the center. Some people like to further set this stone on a separate base. As long as the stones have a direct path to each other and the center stone, it does not matter.

Quartz is an excellent type of stone for creating a crystal grid. Some other ideas for smaller stones include citrine, peridot and calcite. Basically, whatever crystals that you feel a certain power to will provide excellent energy.

Use your crystal grid in meditation for seeking heightened clarity, general healing concerns, or as protection for yourself or a certain area. You can also build a crystal grid and leave in a room where the atmosphere just doesn’t feel quite right. It will deliver a positive blessed appeal.

Crystal grids are a tool in attracting energy and vibration so that your desired manifestations are easier to achieve with clarity and meaning. Try building more than one crystal grid until you find that perfect balance of energy flow that you are looking for. You may have more than one grid for special purposes. When you find that exact flow, you will know it.

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