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Guardian AngelEveryone has had that moment of fear when a bad situation, accident, or death seemed inevitable. When nothing short of a miracle could change the outcome, sure enough it happens. Some call it luck, others see it as a coincidence, but many other people realize that a guardian angel has been sent to protect you.

A guardian angel is a spiritual being that is assigned to help humans through turmoil and to keep lives running smoothly. They have the ability to give you necessary strength, to stop evil or send warnings of upcoming danger. Even those that do not choose to listen to an angel’s advice can be granted a second chance. However, this is not recommended. Their job may be to only heed a warning and nothing else.

Different Forms of Guardian Angels

Any spiritual being has the capacity to take on different forms, depending on what will catch the attention of their subject, and guardian angels use this ability when needed. For instance, a stranger that pulls you to safety from a speeding car, a dog that barks repeatedly at a dark sky, knowing that a tornado is coming or a loved one in a dream that presents the exact same scenario as laid out before you in real life, are examples of how a guardian angel may work for your protection.

There are no coincidences in life.  Scientists try to make you believe in human reasoning as opposed to spiritual forces. The theory of guardian angels has been ever present since the beginning of time and are not limited to certain individuals. Groups of people or entire countries may be watched over by a designated guardian angel.

Summoning a Guardian Angel

It is believed that praying to God will aid in having the comfort and protection of a guardian angel sent to you. Although, not all situations are played out before us in vivid accounts, paths are made open to us through trust in these spiritual beings. Being delayed in traffic, therefore avoiding an accident or not getting your way because it is not in your best interest, and other small annoying signs, are actually ways to know just how blessed you are.  These are all signs that your own guardian angel is looking out for you.

In what ways have your guardian angels let you know they were there?

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What is a Guardian Angel?

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