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What is an Aura?

Every living thing, people, plants, and animals, have an aura that surrounds their being. Not common to physically see, an aura represents the type of atmosphere that you generate around you. Many people suppress this notion due to an inability to physically see a cloud of colors surrounding them. However, for those who wish to examine the energy that lies within their soul, it is possible to reveal the different shapes, sizes, and colors of your own aura in the material world.


An aura is described as a subtle form of matter or haze that surrounds every living thing. It consists of energy and force that empowers us to connect with the universe. No matter how little you may believe, this aura never leaves, but can change according to your inner thoughts and physical condition. For instance, a fading aura can signify impending death due to a disease while a vibrant color can point to a healthy individual. It is believed that vibration frequencies are responsible for this phenomenon and some are more sensitive to its presence than others.

Does the Subconscious Know?

While some people naturally have a sense for seeing auras, most do not. However, by watching the actions and dress of others, this can be easy to spot. Someone who is easy to anger will typically choose red and black as a choice for clothes. They feed off of other people’s fears and are negative in personality. A change in colors of clothing can also signify that there is a medical condition coming to pass. Clothes of blue or green on a person are generally signs of good health. However, when their wardrobe gradually changes to grey, and different shades of red, they could be falling ill without realizing it.

The colors of nature are provided as a stepping stone in understanding how an aura is present in your daily life. Go outside and look at the sky. Blue, peaceful, and serene, a warm feeling flows through your body. But, when clouds turn dark and foreboding, fear and depression arrive. The rainbow is also a significant factor in getting your own aura turned in the right direction. Colors and shades have been given to us for good reason. An aura can bring a peaceful presence or on the other hand, warn us of danger, when developed fully.

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