What is Clairvoyance?

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What Is Clairvoyance?

There are many different types of psychic abilities. Some hear messages, some see incarnate spirits. Clairvoyance literally means clear vision. It’s the psychic ability to see things in visions that may happen in the future or which there was no worldly way for the person to know. It is often believed that everyone possesses psychic ability of all types, but only a few allow those abilities to develop. While you may hear warnings about evil spirits, psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance are totally natural and potentially part of our makeup that has been thwarted through years of changes to our DNA. In caveman times, before there was language, people still communicated. Knowing the dangers that lurked was literally a life and death matter. We had many different “instincts” we no longer hone and have gradually faded through generations, but they’re still there.

If you don’t believe that psychic abilities exist in everyone, try a little experiment. Sit in a crowded restaurant or area and pick out a subject looking in a different direction from you. Stare at the subject intently, attempting to contact them mentally, make sure you’re well hidden from view. You’ll eventually see that person turn around and look, sometimes several times. That’s their primitive psychic nature reacting. Man needed to know when enemies and predators were watching and the instinct is still there.

If you’ve ever gotten flashes of something, which later occurred, you probably experienced clairvoyance. It may be something as simple as where a spouse put an item and you kept seeing a specific, but improbable, spot and finally checked it only to find the item, which could be a flash of clairvoyance. Many people include remote viewing in the category of clairvoyance.

There has been much research into clairvoyance that was initially started to disprove it, but ended up proving that most people have this ability. These studies used remote viewing in most cases. In the remote viewing studies a sampling of people from all walks of life saw a picture of one of the staff who at the last moment chose a place to be. The participants were to draw what they saw in their mind’s eye. In most cases, the drawings were clear enough to identify the location, even though no one in the room or involved in the experiment knew where this person was to go.

While clairvoyance is most normally associated with vision, it’s closely related to other psychic abilities. These include:

Clairaudience -the ability to hear messages through extrasensory means.

Clairalience – smelling something in a psychic manner that sends a message.

Claircognizance – simply knowing something

Clairsentience or Clairsensitive – getting a message through the sense of touch, such as touching a personal item for a message

Clairgustance – the sense of taste, but without ever putting anything in the mouth.

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