What is Grounding?

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The world today offers little purpose in connecting to heritage, naturalism or the earth as was once supported. Too little time, disconnects in relationships and throw away ideas have replaced a firm grip on what was once important. If there appears to be more erratic emotions and turmoil than what there once was, it is due to becoming ungrounded in the spiritual realm of life.

Grounding is the act of finding your way back to nature and the solid energy that is provided by the earth. Whenever flesh is allowed to interact with the cool, regenerating soil or the waves of an ocean, your body becomes energized with the intended vibrations of the world. We were not meant to be separated from the essence of the globe, but rather to embrace its energy and to share as one.

Getting Closer to Earth

Not everyone has the means to live along a beach or to run free through the soft green grass barefoot, but there are other ways that the earth offers grounding methods to strengthen spiritual senses. Certain sounds and scents can magnify the aura of the earth’s gravitation, as can certain minerals. Using these tools will better prepare the soul for meditation that can offer a dream-like-state of seeing your body connect as one of natures.

When meditating, think of your body as a conductor of energy, just as a magnet attracts a current. Picture yourself as the base of a tree where roots and limbs are firmly planted in the earth’s soil. The Universe is designed to pull your energy into its whole to ground the bridge between the physical and spiritual pathway of awareness.

Physical Unrest

It is not difficult to feel ungrounded at times. Sensitivity to noise and sound, a general feeling of agitation or forgetfulness, and being unable to concentrate are all signs that you have lost your grasp on grounding. The earth provides root vegetables, such as carrots, beets and sweet potatoes as nutritional grounding food. Cleansing sea salts draw energy into pores and sooth the mind. Yoga exercises extend limbs to reach out in perfect earth frequency.

Grounding your body with the earth is more than just feeling closer to nature. It is a necessary journey to connect with vibrations and frequency of our world. Without being able to come full circle with the earth’s core, a confusing life is almost certain.

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