What is Intuition?

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What is Intuition?

Intuition is the lack of reasoning in coming to a conclusion, often without using our conscious abilities. Not quite as bold as the perception of the sixth sense, a person’s intuition is more of an insightfulness into an action that is about to occur.

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling about going to an event, but went anyway because you felt that you were being silly? This intuition might have saved you from an ugly confrontation that you had no way of knowing would happen. Sometimes couples fall in love at first sight, without any reasonable knowledge as to why.  Following your intuition can often guide you into the right situation just by allowing it to take control.

Not all intuition is accurate or feasible in the sense that it can protect you from making a right or wrong decision. Having a gut feeling that a particular choice should be made can be manifested from past life events or a tired mind. However, when listening to that little “inner voice” that seems to be correct 99% of the time, intuition is a good tool to have.

Many people do not want to believe that intuition exists. This would mean their logic and conscious behavior is part of a bigger picture. To them, it is better to think of this feeling as a coincidence or a fluke of a situation. But even though ignored, it is difficult to admit conscious reasoning is all there is.

Albert Einstein described intuition as an underdeveloped sense that could be our most valuable asset. Because only 20% of the brain is used on a conscious level, it makes you wonder just how substantial the other 80% could be in providing answers from our subconscious.

Developing one’s intuition is possible when the mind is allowed to connect with a Higher Power and to let imagination run free. Shutting out the distractions of the day is a good way to exercise the guided imagery so you can call up intuition at will. The stress of life can force a person to rely on only reasonable thoughts and conscious decisions. Being able to turn to the subconscious for judgement that has always been in the depths of your mind can often provide instinctive moves.

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