What is Reiki Healing

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What is Reiki

Whenever someone hears the word ‘healing’, their ears perk up. That’s because no one likes to live with sickness or pain. But, when a change in lifestyle becomes part of the equation people lose interest. Reiki healing does not involve diet or exercise programs. In fact, it is recommended by Reiki practitioners to limit sessions to 4 visits over the course of 4 days, but many times less.

Understanding the Significance of Reiki

The human body is made up of energy that is compatible to the universe that we live in. Otherwise, no one would be able to sustain the atmospheric pressure of the world. Although we are born with perfect balance, many unnatural entities have been introduced into our lives that interfere with the flow. Negativity from others, chemicals and stress can cause an imbalance to our internal pathways of energy. Masters of Reiki healing are often able to bring the broken flow of energy back to its original path.

The Meaning of Reiki

The word ‘Reiki’ comes from two Japanese words, ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. Rei stands for the Higher Power that guides all beings in the galaxy and provides the wisdom in life. Ki represents the non-physical energy that is present in all living things. When the 2 words are connected, you can see how not all life is totally dependent on the physical. Reiki brings a spirituality and unseen nature into the meaning of all life. To depend upon only the physical would create an atmosphere that only man could understand. Trusting a higher power to provide unforeseen healing, mixed with the physical elements of man, brings the perfect balance to life.

Transferring Reiki Healing Energy

Every person has their own personal level of energy and can learn how to rejuvenate areas by using a soft touch, stones or cups to recapture this energy. The body has the ability to heal itself and by gently showing it the way, one can experience amazing results. An expert in the practice is not always needed, but they have the keen sense of delivery from years of meditation and practice.

There is no pain or drugs involved with balancing the chakra. Reiki healing only provides a way to bring energy balance back to all parts of the body, giving proper balance to ailing organs and feelings of mental distress.

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