What is Spiritual Awakening

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Many people have a spiritual awakening and never realize it because they have no concept of the term. Have you ever been in a mindset so strong that you are determined that nothing could ever change the way you feel? Suddenly, one day you see your way of thinking in a completely different manner and wonder how you could have been so stupid? A spiritual awakening is nothing more than seeing the clarity of reality.

Everyone strives to mature into responsible adults and being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In the material world, this equals money, power and fame to many. You just assume that happiness will follow. Or if none of these dreams transpire, blame is placed on others, bad luck is assumed and happiness is never felt. When a spiritual awakening occurs, your mind starts to look at life differently. The focus on keeping up with the Jones’s becomes irrelevant to the main purpose of life.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Simply put, a spiritual awakening is when your entire view of the world changes. It is as if you have been asleep and upon waking, nothing feels the same. It is almost impossible to put this sudden revelation into words, but the experience is one of truth, wonder and amazement. Here are a few of the signs that can help to explain this new reality.

A spiritual awakening is a transformation of the soul and opens our eyes to the truth of the universe. This “waking up to life” can happen suddenly or as the result of a near-death experience, a family tragedy, or going through a long period of depression. The soul recognizes your changed ability to accept the reality of life on a spiritual level, allowing your mind to fully comprehend.

Waking Up

Not everyone has a dramatic, eye-opening experience that changes them overnight. For some, it is subtle in listening and watching people and interacting with them. Small problems that once consumed you are suddenly unimportant. In fact, your entire outlook on life has changed and you do not enjoy chatting about irrelevant subjects. Some notice clarity in nature that has never been witnessed before. The need to compete and judge is replaced with a calm and loving nature.

Experiencing the world and all that is in it, for the very first time, is awesome. Realizing that all of the wonders and meaning of life are part of a bigger spiritual picture, will help you to grow in your desire to love, feel purpose and help others.


Feelings of Being a Different Person

Your perception of things around you increases with intensity. Animals and nature are seen in a new caring and empathetic light, as well as people. Your group of friends no longer seems significant in what they believe. Your purpose in life is abundantly clear and you feel impulsive to start down this road.

Reality versus Illusion

It is not uncommon to have certain feelings about people, places and things that are not correct. From the time we are born, we are taught to question, discriminate and form opinions from what we see. But, there is a higher energy that can help us in clearing out the junk and realizing the truth of the world. When this happens, all those past illusions are shown as they really are. You want to shout it out, shake your nonconformed friends and try to change the world when it happens. Just calm down and remember how long it took you to see the world in a different light.

Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster

Suddenly seeing life in a new light can send emotions to new levels. Remembering forgotten positive and negative memories, feeling disconnected from others and intense mood swings can accompany your new vision of the future. It can be lonely in this spot when you realize that no one around you feels the same way. Developing new friendships is a must which can bring fear and confusion.

Physical Ramifications

Not everything about spiritual awakening is pleasant. As your emotional status changes, physical symptoms begin to occur. Feeling drained, brain fog, restless sleep and new food intolerances are often signs that something is going on deep inside of your body. Tinglings in hands and feet and headaches are also common. Your body is experiencing shock from finally seeing the truth, but will eventually calm down. You may also perceive that a more natural diet is necessary to keep up with the new you.

Spiritual Overload

In addition to learning to cope with all that is taking place, spiritual symptoms may begin to appear. Coincidences become frequent, having an awareness of future happenings, recognizing psychic gifts and vivid dreams are some of the changes that can be recognized on the spiritual level.

New Thought Patterns

If you are experiencing unusual changes in your thought pattern, ask yourself these questions. You may be experiencing a spiritual awakening and may be well on your way to seeing the purpose of life through a new set of eyes.

Have you started feeling empathy toward others?

Are you finding that current friends are shallow and do nothing but gossip about others?

Do you feel like spending time alone where you can contemplate the true meaning of your purpose in life?

These are just a few of the changes that come with waking up to the real view of the world. It can be depressing and scary at first, but understanding that you have entered the spiritual path to the truth can uplift and encourage you to enjoy and appreciate life. Once you have gone through spiritual awakening, it is almost impossible to see the world as you did before.

This is a brand new time in your life that needs to be embraced and cherished. The feeling of finding that perfect soul mate is often at the forefront of your mind, as well as seeking new friends that feel the same as you do. Tell yourself that different stages of changes are bound to occur when your old life is shed for a new spiritual awakening. You must first see the reality of yourself and the world before new prospects and higher vibrations can come about. Set your mind to enjoy the ride and feel confident of your gift of awareness.

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

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