What is Spiritual Healing?

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Spiritual HealingMost people think of spiritual healing as faith healing, but the two are not the same. In faith healing, the person receiving the healing must believe strongly in God or other entity for the healing to work. They may believe that a specific person was given the ability to heal, such as a minister or shaman.

Spiritual healing doesn’t require the person to believe in power of an outside force for healing, but belief in the process is important and can speed the healing process. The healing is based on spiritual energy that exists everywhere.

Healing through spiritual methods has a wide variety of results. While it’s rare that there’s no discernible change in the person’s condition, it can occur, though very infrequently. The healing can completely cure the condition instantly, although this type of healing is also very rare. Instead, most people have results that are between the two extremes. Sometime the healing doesn’t actually heal the condition, but makes it easier to live with and helps the person become more positive. Most of the time, people who try spiritual healing have attempted to cure the disease with more traditional forms of medicine. While the spiritual healing may not cure it either, most people report they actually feel better and stronger.

Contact healing is the most frequent method of healing. You don’t have to possess special talents to do this type of healing. In fact, you can often learn it in a day. It is a method of cleansing the auras and fortifying the chakras with spiritual energy, as well as sending energy to the area where the problem exists with physical contact and visualization.

You don’t have to touch the person to help them heal. Absent healing is another form of spiritual healing. Prayer is one method of absentee healing. One blind study had two control groups, those that received prayer and those that didn’t. A group of people that didn’t know any of the people saw pictures of the group that received prayer and prayed for their healing. The results were that this group healed faster and were healthier after several weeks. Some people chant mantras while visualizing the person in good health, which also boosts the healing process.

Spiritual healing can help others and you get stronger and better at it the more you help. However, you can also use spiritual healing as a self-healing technique. You use the same methods as you would if you used contact healing on another. While spiritual healing can be very effective, it is intended to be a complementary therapy for traditional medicine, not a sole therapy. It can boost the effectiveness of the medical treatment you’re already receiving.

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