What is Visualization

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is the ability to imagine certain aspirations in the future to further your dreams and goals. The mind is an amazing asset, yet far from being developed to its fullest potential. By training your mind to visualize what your body can achieve, the easier it is for your mind to turn a wanted situation into a physical reality.

Visualization vs. Wishing

While wishing really hard for the future to change, visualization works the same way only with a more focused sense of reality. You may wish that you had more money, a newer car or more time. These are not achievable goals because there are no facts. How much money, what type of car or how much more time are you wishing for? Visualization focuses on real goals and having the ability to achieve them. For instance, if you have the visualization of being elected to a local government office, have you performed the work to be competitive? Visualization can only work if you are being realistic with your abilities.

Mind and Body are Closely Related

It is hard to imagine a future action taking place in your mind while your body is at rest. To some, this sounds like being unable to separate reality from imagination. However, it is quite the opposite. Anyone with a stable mind can learn to control their body’s functions with their mind. This goes back to using the mind to its fullest potential by participating in mind training.

Be Passionate about Visualizing

Look at the great achievers of the world. Composing award-winning music, being an Olympic champion, or becoming the best brain surgeon in the country does not come without a passion for meeting an ultimate goal. You have to consistently work on training your mind, just like you eat and sleep. In Karate, they tell you to see your hand on the other side of the concrete block before attempting to break with your fist. You have to see yourself reaching a certain goal, as if it were real. Anything less takes more training.

Visualization is not easy to accept. Our minds have been trained to accept only what we can see. Meditation is a great aid in preparing your mind and body for this new and exciting transition. The imagination offers endless opportunities. By learning the steps of visualization, your mind will not let you see defeat, only becoming a winner.

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