What is Your Higher Self?

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Your Higher-self refers to an eternal, intelligent entity that brings about one’s true and real being. Inseparable from the Universe and man, every individual has a Higher Self. Recognized since the beginning of time, many consider this being as the Creator of the Universe and everything in it. Others view their Higher-self as an expansion of the self to a godlike state. Regardless of whether part of your religion or the New Age movement, your Higher-self is spiritual in nature and part of every living thing.

Being able to reach the level of your Higher-self brings you to a new level of consciousness that is not physical. Greater levels of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are experienced and you just know that it is due to becoming one with your Higher Power.

Ask any amazing artist, poet, musician or inventor where they get their creativity. Some will make light of their intuition and ideas, but most understand that they have been blessed with the knowledge of how to work within their Higher-self. You don’t have to be a creative person to connect with your Higher-self. But, you do have to be open to the idea that your physical being is not all that there is.

Unleashing higher senses can allow you to access information as well as wisdom that might otherwise be unavailable using your rational mind. Your mission on earth will become crystal clear and you will immediately want to take action on going down your directed path.

When you decide to seek your Higher-self, synchronicities and manifestations will become commonplace. People already have small inclinations of coincidences, but by meditating and asking to have a higher understanding of life, your Higher-self will guide you on a journey that can increase your happiness, remove doubt of who you are and give your life purpose.

What is your higher self?

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