What is Your Throat Chakra

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The throat chakra allows all the other chakras to be heard. Our voice is used to express and communicate and our ears allow us to hear the needs of others and to react accordingly. But, these two senses do not act independently. They require a balanced flow of energy that comes from within and once this is compromised, communication efforts become lost.

Here is an example of how important the throat chakra really is. You are asked for your input on a matter at work. Try as you may, the words that form in your mind are unable to transform through your speech. Your opinion becomes disregarded and the discussion continues without you.

In this situation, the flow of energy that comes from the other chakras has stopped and you may find yourself searching in vain for answers. In fact, lately, you haven’t been up to speed on your ability to remember what others have said or to provide solutions. You feel fearful, ignorant and misunderstood.

Physical symptoms often accompany a weak throat chakra. Headaches, allergies, stiff neck and sore throat can point to a throat chakra that is out of balance. Pay attention to these signs and you will be able to take action and rebalance with the other chakras.

Expression of our thoughts is imperative in society and the throat chakra is the voice of the entire body. It also projects our will, purpose, intentions, desires and creative impulses. Opening and keeping the throat chakra in balance will return your self-confidence so you will be able to express the truth in a way that is immediately understood by others.

Use blue crystals and sound therapy for meditation to keep the throat chakra open and performing at its optimal level. Sandalwood, Calendula, Rosemary, and Jasmine are a few of the essential oils that can help promote your awareness and break through blockages.

What is your throat chakra? The important things you need to know about your throat chakra. #throatchakra

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