What is Vibrational Frequency

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Vibrational frequency is part of the living matter that keeps the world in motion. The other part is energy. Without this code of matter, the earth would wither and die. Not only the planet, but every living thing in it lives through energy and vibrational frequency.

Picture a whirling top. As it spins faster and faster, the motion creates vibration. As the top begins to slow, so does the vibration. The same principle holds true for a human being. You can test your own vibrational frequency by taking an inventory on how you feel. Ask yourself how positive you feel about your day. If you are bitter and depressed, chances are your vibrational frequency is close to the bottom of the scale. Not only does a positive attitude increase your energy level, but it also adds to your vibrational frequency.

There is a human emotional vibration analysis frequency chart that measures our metabolic rate against the hertz frequency rate. The lowest score is 20 while the highest is 700. Every day this frequency can move depending on your emotional state.

The great aspect about vibrational frequency and energy is that we can control this sliding indicator to wherever we want it to be. The vibrational frequency of the world is constant so we have the ability to create more or less within our own bodies. For instance, everyone has had a low point in their lives, some more than others. However, by learning to increase the vibrational frequency of our minds, it doesn’t matter. You are in complete control.

Positive thinking and meditation are two ways that you can begin to understand the significance of your own energy and vibrational frequency. It may take days or weeks to break a negative cycle, but the frequency levels will increase. Spend time with nature where the vibrational frequencies are most noticeable. Practice gratitude for having the chance to enjoy life and keep negative thoughts away from your mind.

Use a chart if you desire and mark your frequency on a daily basis as you practice increasing your potential of happiness.

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