When to Have a Spiritual House Cleansing

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Negative energies have a way of taking up residence wherever they have been invited. You, or someone else, could have involuntarily brought them into your home by allowing the world to keep you down. Other times, a house may have a feeling of doom and gloom without anyone’s participation. Buildings can be a magnet for the dark side of spirituality, especially when they are not confronted by good. A spiritual house cleansing of negative energy can neutralize and sanitize a home that is in a state of negativity.

A house with negative energy may be immediately noticeable by giving off a heavy, dark atmosphere that never seems to clear. There may also be unusual noises, a sudden string of bad luck, or a sense of another presence when there is none. Other times, there may be no warning signs at all. Moving into a new home may be such a joy that your mind refuses to notice anything except a bright future. Regardless of whether or not there are negative signs, a spiritual house cleansing can be a form of insurance that can protect you from darkness or harm.

A house healing or cleansing can be performed by a professional or you can learn the basic steps to cleanse the space yourself. There are purification rituals that are simple and extremely beneficial in bringing out the best positive energy in a home. A one-time spiritual house cleansing can be great for moving into a home, but negative energies have a way of creeping into your space. A routine regular house cleansing should be done as a precaution to keep your atmosphere free of negative energy.

Some of the most common methods of house healing include smudging with white sage, sprinkling with salt water, or performing meditation with a mantra or singing bowls that can purify the vibrations.

When to have a spiritual house cleansing

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