Which of My Chakras is Open?

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open your third eyeEvery chakra tells a story. There are 7 separate chakras that define your feelings, your insight, your social well-being and your stability. By evaluating the psychological properties of the chakras and how they relate to you as an individual, the balance can either be right on, over-active or under-active. Not everyone can expect to have all 7 chakras open, but understanding what is out of balance can give you a picture of which areas need improvement.

Root Chakra

Feeling stable, grounded and secure in most situations is a sign that your root chakra is open. If you are fearful or anxious, your root chakra is probably under-active. On the other hand, being materialistic and greedy points to an over-active root chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Being stiff and unemotional is a good indication that your sacral chakra is under-active. Allow your feelings to flow and you will become more lively and passionate. Going overboard, however, can cause you to be emotionally attached to others and play out sexuality.

Navel Chakra

The openness of the navel chakra is revealed when you are in a group of people. If you are timid and indecisive, chances are that this chakra is under-active. You should feel self-confident and in control. An over-active navel chakra shows a domineering nature.

Heart Chakra

Being cold and distant toward others is a sign that your heart chakra is under-active. An over-active heart chakra tends to smother people with kindness, usually for selfish reasons. Being loving, kind and friendly points to an open-heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

Being able to show self-expression through creativity or with others shows an open throat chakra. An introverted and shy individual is considered under-active and a bad listener with a domineering nature is over-active in the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Good intuition is a trait of those that have an open third eye chakra. Confusion and following the crowd are obvious in an under-active third eye chakra. Being over-active is an individual that lives in a fantasy world and often has hallucinations.

Crown Chakra

Having wisdom with no prejudice shows an open crown chakra. Not having a spiritual nature that bond with the world indicates an under-active crown chakra. Over-analyzing and ignoring needs of the body shows an over-active crown chakra.

Study these traits, recognize where you are and work toward opening as many chakras as you can.

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