Why do People Meditate?

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Why Do People Meditate

Why Do People Meditate?

The mind stores every experience, every thought and every emotion since birth. At any time, one or more of these can rise to the front of the brain. Every day commotion added to these feelings can create quite a jumble of chaos. No one knows exactly why certain thoughts are triggered, but the mind is often overburdened with thought and/or required action.

Many people spend their entire lives trying to juggle or silence thoughts that rise and fall. This can result in stress related illness, an inability to cope in certain situations, or depression and anxiety. Meditation can help to calm thoughts and restructure in a positive manner.

Chronic insomnia plagues millions of people. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol only intensifies this problem. Learning to meditate often relieves the inability to fall asleep, wake less often during the night and feel refreshed in the morning. Different studies on sleep disorders have been performed and meditation always has a positive reaction.

When a new product is introduced that improves mental clarity, it flies off the shelves. However, even though supplements can provide needed minerals and vitamins to cells, they do little to help your brain become more organized. Meditation relaxes the mind to sort out important matters as opposed to those that are mundane. Giving your mind the opportunity to see the world in full proportion, is the beginning of becoming more mentally alert.

Once meditation has begun, a series of enlightening features takes hold. The world is seen from a different point of view, you feel a new sense of freedom and little things, like trees and plants, become clearer. This new revolution is like entering a fresh new environment and brings a smile to your face. You will notice other people and their inability to cope, just as you once were.

Meditation is not an immediate form of gratification, but an evolving way of life that relaxes, organizes thoughts and adds new meaning to the sights, sounds and world around us. What once seemed impossible to conquer, both mentally and physically, are silently lifted like a burden. Patience is the key in meditation. Once a commitment has been made to improve your entire being, the positive results will begin the flow like a river.

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  1. Abraham Joseph

    First of all, Nature seems to have set certain fuel within us to trigger us to thoughts. These are very much like laws of motion of Newton for physical objects.Following blog post wud share some details:http://unrecognizedobjectsofthemind.blogspot.in/

    Secondly, mediation, it seems, aimed at drawing man to himself, and his central reality, weeding away his notion that, he is just a part or an object in society. When one live and die thinking he was just an object among other objects, Nature’s goals for making him an enlightened knower fails. So, she is keen to have him return home . So we have an urge to self realize. Mediation is ,hence, a weeding away of the WORLD from his consciousness.Love to share:http://metaphysicsofthehumansoul.blogspot.in/2015/05/more-on-dichotomy-of-ego-and-soul.html


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