Why is Grounding Important?

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Why is Grounding Important?

Illness and a lack of clarity are two of the most widely reported complaints in the world today. We spend thousands of dollars on supplements, self-help books and exercise equipment in an attempt to deliver some type of wholeness. By looking at the big picture in how grounding is an essential part of life, the answer is easy to see. We are not alone in manifesting a life with meaning. In fact, we were never meant to be alone in the world. Grounding takes our energy and connects to the very core of the earth, binding vibrations and frequencies with the intended natural resources.

Displaced Energy

The physical body can survive on its own to the extent of being fed and kept warm. However, the spiritual body provides a common thread with the Universe. Too little or too much displaced energy can cause an unbalance of emotional stress on the human body. When this occurs, feeling confused, anxious or drained are easily set off by unnatural sources. A blaring horn or a high-pitched frequency can send needles of pain throughout your system.

By having the proper grounding with the core of the earth, you are better able to be tied to the natural frequencies of the earth, as was intended. The world is a large ball of energy that holds all essential life forms to the surface through gravity. The nourishment to a tree holds it upright and strong, but once this energy source is broken, it can fall over and die. We are all living, breathing products of the earth and without sustainability of grounding, our spiritual nature is lost.

Physical and Emotional Well-being Are Free

By making a conscious effort to become grounded to the energy of the world, your body’s natural draw to connect with the vibrations of the atmosphere is all around you. You will be able to ward off the foreign sources that threaten a healthy emotional state by knowing that the Universe is your true connection. When the right flow of energy is unbroken with the earth, physical and emotional satisfaction is realized. Better health and emotional freedom from turmoil will be free to enjoy. Begin by using your physical ability to touch the supportive earth and how it feels against your skin. The grounding vibrations will soon be obvious.

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  1. Cynthia Pulver

    The diagnosis of advanced glaucoma three years ago resulted in my retirement from the workforce,

    My slow addiction to social media exposed terrible injustices, the dire state of our environment, man’s horrific treatment of sentient animals, and many other depravities that I felt the responsibility to help promote an end of these issues.

    After months of exposure to horrific images and further knowledge, it has become normal for me to feel like I have the flu. The good news is that after a complete physical it was confirmed I was not dying.

    This article wrote about reacting to horns and high frequencies. Without knowing the cause, I started to react to loud or constant noise with acute anxiety.

    The concept of grounding is foreign to my knowledge. Nonetheless, it is time to consider a connection between my lack of spirituality and being grounded as a direct cause of my constant feeling ill.

    • Jeanine DuBois

      Hi, Cynthia,

      Grounding is a wonderful blessing!

      And… I was diagnosed with normal tension glaucoma by 2 docs (4 visual fields tests on 3 different machines).

      When I realized that being “blind-sided” was a metaphor for the loss of peripheral vision thru glaucoma, I addressed those memories and communicated with my eyes thru TAT® (I’m a TAT Professional & Trainer). I also had acupuncture, and when I returned the next year (without using glaucoma drops, as I’m sensitive to drugs), I had regained all my peripheral vision! That was 1/27/2012.

      May this be of assistance to you,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway


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