What are the Mental Benefits of Meditation?

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mental benefits of meditation

What are the Mental Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation is viewed by some as a spiritual awakening. While this may be true to a certain degree, the mental benefits are much more relevant. In fact, some meditators have no relationship with a higher power. They meditate in order to find inner peace and a greater state of awareness with nature or the earth. The mental benefits of meditation can be life-changing in what is discovered.

How the Mind Reacts to Meditation

Worry and fear embrace people at many points in their lives, some even daily. This is caused by the Medial PreFrontal Cortex of the brain, which processes information related to you. Becoming anxious about a new situation, meeting someone new or thinking of your future, are examples of the Medial PreFrontal Cortex, or the ME Center. When meditation is introduced, the connection to this center begins to break down. These thoughts may disappear completely or remain visible to you, but the inner feeling of fear and anxiety is gone.

Stepping Away from Yourself

While this revelation sounds wonderful, there is more. Your sense of empathy increases, allowing you to feel other people’s states of mind, their motivations, desires, dreams and so on. This is not a sixth sense, but an openness to the world and others that was closed before. As you progress into a state of enlightenment, your mind will be able to process important information and leave the silly emotional thoughts behind. You will see the world with more clarity, begin to concentrate deeply, and understand your fellow man as if you were in his/her shoes.

Meditation Begins with the Mind

You might say that the mind is where meditation begins. Without being able to put your ME Center in the background of your thoughts, it would be very difficult to feel the true inner transformation which occurs with the mind, body and soul. Meditation is not a relaxation technique because the mind is very alert. It is also not a form of mind control as meditation is effortless and does not ask for anything. However, many meditators remark that the quality of their lives has increased, stress and anxiety are reduced, and there is a clarity of the world around them.

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